10 minutes with​.​.​.

by videosforpictures

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Dedicated to Nesbit


released December 31, 2011

Jay Lancaster - piano, vocals, drums, perepelka, accordion, noise




videosforpictures New Hampshire

it was a lie

new two track album out some point on vst this year - AD 2015

under name videosforpictures


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Track Name: 0verture
Track Name: Butcherbird
of stories of a ghost
who's living in the woods
are how they will remember me.

(In the water... oldest son... with some needles in his eyes.)

Sweet, sweet insulin coma
and no one right to blame,
'cept you and kind of me.

(So tired... always tired... trapped inside a reverie.)

I'll be
wandering through Dogtown
followed by some shrikes
with wings and tails clipt.

(Staggering... with the birds... oh we're grounded here for life.)

Sweet, sweet insulin coma
and no left to blame,
'cept you and kind of me.

(So tired... always tired... trapped inside a reverie.)

I've never slept better, I've never wanted less.
A little violet light and a dark green hum.

You're late... apparition... you're late...
Track Name: Isolation Anthems
I'm not happy anymore-
I exclaim as I scatter all my books on the floor.
(Searching for some answer I can't find outside the door.)
Oh it's night/ always dusk / in the street.

She doesn't love me anymore-
I cry out in pain as the glow engulfs my head.
(Turning all the spirits to a dim and dusty red.)
But it's night / always dusk / here in space.

I'm destined to clean up messes that no one else will see.
Inviting my hopes over to someday stay a night with me.
The elephant in this grey box is staring straight into my dead eyes.
Collapse is fast approaching and no one's here to watch these legs die.

I haven't left here for a week-
I wonder aloud although I'm too afraid to speak.
(Fear of admonition from the shadows that I breathe.)
You come in... as if nothing's even changed.
Track Name: Perepelka
when I-
when I was fine.
Track Name: Optic Flow
Jeremiah was a good friend of mine,
But now he's locked up in his head.
So I'll creep up the stairs,
Whisper in your cold dead ear.

1. Get up.
2. Grow up.
3. Vanish.
Well, it seems like we're stuck on step 1.
And I can't keep -

Your permanent stasis.
Your permanent absence.
Your permanent falsification of whatever you see as real.