D in D, High Fly Videos

by videosforpictures

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an album recorded to shoebox and subsequently digitized in the month and year 9/2015

all music written and performed by jay lancaster, save 6 by milo zebulon, from his hagstone ep (2014)

album art is an old photograph of an unknown group of individuals found and purchased unceremoniously at a newburyport flea market

this one's for the dog


released September 12, 2015



all rights reserved


videosforpictures New Hampshire

it was a lie

new two track album out some point on vst this year - AD 2015

under name videosforpictures


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Track Name: Color of the Day
whats the color of the day
dees got a brush and a finger on her plate
with the paints all a-bleeding and blending in rings

whats the color of the day
standing and staring til her eyes cant see straight
well its black and its green and its something to break
whats the color of the day
gianna comes over, says hey that sure looks great
and they smash it to pieces til the pictures no more
Track Name: Concept of God
the pastor picked scripture
that weekly id read
to the ears of the old
and the ones on the wean
id read with ferocity
and shout to the crowd
the word of the lord
from a younger mans mouth

til one day i figured out
my concept of god
and left that old church
for a prideful mans school
to become much more diffident
and lose all my faith
that id built up for years
from the pulpits warm desk

holy are the antidotes
to things you dont need healed
holy is the hourglass
that counts the time in years
holy are the moments
when you figure out at last
that our travels toward the sun
are all built from shadows cast
Track Name: D.L. in the River
i was a little swollen
visitin the river where he did dwell
visitin the river where he did dwell

i felt something broken...

we visited my uncle
and he was not there
as my father played "sugaree"

sat in his bed
with a lowered head
in a permanent reverie

i saw a violent tremor...

i sang a silent prayer...

he leaned as he sat
in a moment of peace
as the fits and the shivers left home

we visited my uncle
and he was not there
as my father played "sugaree"

shake it, shake it, sugaree
Track Name: Nellie's House
i wish we'd send a letter oer to nellie
aged 91 and living down on packers
to write, "well, hi, we were the ones who were walking by your house
just wanted to find you well and drop a line."

i wonder how she handles the recycling
when strangers would not stop by in their travels
that big white house all to herself must surely creak and moan
but hosts a kindly soul whos found eighty years of sleep there

i wish we'd send a letter o'er to nellie
and ask her if the children were still scheming
to drag her out and plant her in a home against her will
or if she'd live in peace at the house upon her hill

do you still remember her address?
and could we drop it off outside her deck?
perhaps the lives left open are the ones we cherish best
to dream about a life thats been beautifully spent
Track Name: 'Times a Friend (M.Z.)
Track Name: Words I Spoke
words i spoke
more, words i mumbled
words i gave up on
as they came out

fumbled forth
from my worn mouth
as you were torn
but set on leaving

words i spoke as you walked out
and stepped into the shadows
words i spoke to cut your throat
forming weak and shallow

words i spoke
to hate you gently
from the couch
across the room

cases packed
and worried eyeballs
taste of spit
across the room

"only you
only you
only you
know whats true"